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Our Story

organic baby clothes founders

Teddy's Cotton is truly a manifestation born from two complementary opposites. Jessica, a New York City based mom of two with a background in the finance industry, and Jessie, a Californian with over 10 years of experience in production and children apparel, shared a dream to start an organic baby apparel brand done a bit differently...

The duo set out to design the perfect onesie combining simple designs and organic materials. Teddy's Cotton embraces the slow fashion mentality and incorporates sustainable practices whenever possible, from production to packaging.

Ultimately, the sister-in-laws wanted to design quality garments to be worn, shared and worn again. There is a collective joy in passing on clothes to family and friends, and Teddy's Cotton hopes they can help your family start or continue this tradition of wearing and sharing organic baby apparel for years to come. Whether purchasing for your own child or gifting for another, Teddy's hopes you can share in their love for these garments that are California made and inspired.